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Woodworm treatments in Walsall and Cannock

Positive Preservation Ltd can also protect your property from woodworm, providing effective woodworm removals.


Wood boring beetles, or woodworm, can attack untreated timbers in your property. We use a range of remedial treatments designed to eradicate all wood boring beetles or woodworm. Depending on the beetle and timber type, we will use different kinds of treatments.


The most common woodworm we deal with are:


•Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum)

•Wood Boring Weevil (Pentarthrum huttoni)

•Deathwatch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum)

•House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus)


Our infestation treatment ensures that none of these bugs are present, and your timber remains in top condition.

Consultations and site surveys

We will perform consultations and site surveys before beginning any work, looking for decay and signs of infestation. We look for the size of the holes in the wood, the shape of the holes, and if there is any moisture present.


We’ll then give you the information you need and provide you with a quote for our infestation treatment and woodworm removal services.

Expert woodworm treatment

Call Positive Preservation Ltd today on 01922 694 623 for effective woodworm removal.


"I can highly recommend Chris, he only treats what needs treating and compared to other quotes we had for the identical job, Chris was far cheaper for exactly the same work, happy days."