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applying wood treatment

Rising damp treatments for home and business

Other sources of dampness

If we determine the problem in your wall or timber is not rising damp, we can offer alternative solutions. We can provide help with:


- Cracked rendering

- Porous brick and stonework

- Condensation

- Rotting wood

- Defective plumbing


…and much more.


We offer effective timber treatment that ensures it is protected from moisture caused by rising damp, condensation and other sources of moisture.

Wood and timber treatment and preservation

For effective wood treatment, rising damp removals and more, call Positive Preservation Ltd on 01922 694 623.

No matter what kind of property you own, Positive Preservation Ltd is here to provide you with wood treatment and rising damp remedies. Our fully trained technicians can determine the difference between rising damp and other problems, as there is often a lot of confusion.


Rising damp rarely rises above one metre off the ground, but even under one metre it can cause a great deal of damage. It can occur in stone, and cause problems with wooden beams and structures.


In particular, rising damp is common in older properties and wood, owing to a lack of effective damp proof course. With our rising damp treatment and wood remedies, we can ensure that the damp is stopped and removed, and of course, we also provide re-plastering services when we have completed the work, to ensure your property still looks great.