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Plastering services in Walsall for damp prevention

When walls have been subject to dampness, or we have provided a full damp removal service, it’s important that the issue of salts are addressed. When salts are left behind by moisture, further moisture can be drawn through the walls as the salt begins to absorb water again. We can solve this by removing contaminated plaster.


We don’t simply leave your wall exposed, however. Our damp removal services are perfectly complemented by our professional re-plastering service. By using correct formulations and professional application, we can ensure that future damp problems are totally avoided.

Professional, affordable, experienced

We have decades of experience working with all severity of damp problems, and we can ensure that our re-plastering service is of the highest standard. This ensures that the chances of further damp problems are significantly reduced.


We use a special salt retardant additive in the plaster we use, too. This holds back any residual salts, whilst allowing the passage of water vapour.

Re-plastering for the home and commercial properties

To arrange a plastering service in Walsall, or a nearby area, call Positive Preservation Ltd today on 01922 694 623.