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Damp treatment in Walsall

Damp proofing is a protective process that’s used to ensure that moisture doesn’t pass through your walls. Water pulled through brick and wood can damage the structural integrity of your property, and even cause mould that can be a health hazard.


At Positive Preservation Ltd, we offer a damp proofing service that places a barrier in the walls to prevent rising damp, and general moisture issues in your walls.

A simple solution to a complex problem

Damp can arise for many reasons, but generally exists as a result of the porous nature of brick, stone and mortar. Capillary action draws water through, and the salts left behind by the water then absorb further moisture and destroy your walls slowly.


We offer rising damp treatment that can be carried out on individual walls, or on your full property. Our team provided chemical damp proofing that is simple and effective. Our damp proofing is quick and easy to install, and with a concentrated formulation, it is effective and non-caustic at the same time.

Protect your property from rising damp

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