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Effective property condensation control

All properties will suffer from some form of condensation at some time, and severe condensation problems are fairly common too. In cold weather, properties (largely older properties) can become plagued by large amounts of condensation that can damage bricks and timber, and in turn damage the structure of your property.


At Positive Preservation Ltd, we offer condensation control to keep your property in good shape. We can also help prevent damp by providing solutions to washing machines, tumble dryers and showers that are causing excess moisture.

Why is condensation treatment important?

If wood, wallpaper and plaster are affected badly by condensation, they can become permanently damp and in turn, mould will begin to grow. Our condensation control services are ideal for all kinds of properties, but if not caught early enough, we also provide damp treatment.


We find the right balance between ventilation and heating, ensuring that condensation never becomes too severe in the home.

Preventative treatment for condensation in the home

Call Positive Preservation Ltd on 01922 694 623 for effective damp treatment and removal, and preventative treatments or condensation.